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We thank the following Sustaining Members 2008
for their contributions of $50 or more in addition to their membership dues
As Of 12/4/08
  1. Nina Dodge Abrams
  2. David Carl Anderson
  3. Judge Edward Avadenka (2009)
  4. Lori Buiteweg
  5. Gerald P. Cavelier
  6. Carole Church
  7. William E. Clark
  8. Philip Cornell
  9. Ellen M. Craine
  10. Ada Snyder Kerwin
  11. Barbara Kessler
  12. Mathew Kobliska
  13. Michael Mcnamee
  14. Daniel Morgan
  15. Susan Paletz
  16. Randall Pitler
  17. Marie Pulte
  18. Monika Sacks
  19. Phillip Schaedler
  20. Danielle A. Smith
  21. Lauren Shepherd
  22. Eileen Scheff
  23. Ann Tobin-Levigne
  24. Christopher J. Webb
  25. Zena Zumeta

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Family Mediation Council brochure

In the past FMC had printed out mediation brochures and sold them to our membership for distribution. Recently we decided to do an updated brochure in pdf format and disseminate to our membership so that our individual members could print it out on their color printers and distribute it to the various courts, organizations and clients of their choosing.
- Wally Winters, Current Chair

About Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process used to help people reach agreements. In this process, a neutral, trained mediator works with people to discuss all of the issues related to their family conflict, to explore possible options for settlement, and to identify solutions that best meet the needs of each person involved.

When can Mediation be done?

Mediation can take place at any stage in a situation, and we believe that the earlier it is considered, the better. For...

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Attention All Prospective FMC Members: 

If you join by paying 2017 dues, you will be entitled to attend both our spring program on May 15, 2017 and our fall program on October 13, 2017 absolutely free of charge.  Don't miss this opportunity to obtain 6 hours total of advanced mediation training free!

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